Sunday, 18 April 2021

Interactive, digital and diverse art at the Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery


Film, interactive art, medicine, cars and cats all combine in People Like Us – a unique exhibition starting this week at Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery.

You can don a headset and control the movement of red blood cells through someone’s body; ride through Sydney’s streets on a push bike; and use your heart rate to control an artwork. Watch as a car is completely deconstructed and reconstructed; and experience an exhibition that uses cats purring as a healing technique.

Gallery Director Ian Tully said People Like Us was unlike anything the Gallery had exhibited before.

“This is a cutting edge exhibition that uses moving image, interactive technology, sound and music to describe connections to our inner selves, to each other and to our environments. These works are absolutely fascinating – you can really engage with and relate to them,” he said.

“For people who haven’t visited the Gallery, or if you haven’t been in a while, this could be a really exciting introduction.”

One of the main themes throughout the exhibition is the latest in medical research and technology.

“In Inside – Topologies of Stroke you wear a headset and use an Xbox controller to guide red blood cells from the aorta to the site of a stroke inside someone’s body.

In Da Vinci, the artist’s movie camera moves between the inside of a human body and the operating theatre during an entire robotic surgical procedure,” Mr Tully said.

“There are also a few works that track emotional and physical responses, including Brighthearts, an app that uses your heart rate – from a clip placed on your ear – to control images and sound. It’s a technique developed to help reduce anxiety in children undergoing operations,” he said.

“What is exciting is that these works are underpinned by the latest medical research, and I hope this strikes a chord with people in the medical field. Really, that’s what art is about – keeping people abreast of trends, shifting academic thinking and social change.”

The exhibition will be on at Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery from 5 October to 27 November. The official opening will be on 14 October at 6pm, and all interested community members are invited to attend. John Bailey, a key member of the project team that developed Inside – Topologies of Stroke, will open the exhibition.

Also on 14 October will be the opening of Some Other Time – a collection of historical local stories, mementos and photographs collated by Kim Bennett from Regional Arts Victoria.

You can see videos about People Like Us and get more information at or from the Gallery’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. A flyer detailing the individual works included in the exhibition is also available below.

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