Sunday, 18 April 2021

Creative Strategy workshops starting soon

Swan Hill Rural City is full of creative people, and chances are you are one of them.

You might create craft at home or with a group, visit the Library or go to live shows and exhibitions. Maybe you’re part of a book club, take photographs, paint, sing or create digital art on your home computer.

No matter what your creative connection, we want to hear from you.

Swan Hill Rural City Council is developing a Creative Strategy for our municipality. It will guide arts and cultural engagement for the next four years, generate opportunities for arts and culture activities in the Swan Hill region, and set the path towards enhancing the region’s reputation for creativity.

Workshops will be held from 6-9 May right across the municipality, and there is an online survey available for those who can’t attend the workshops.

Bryce Ives is one of the art consultants helping Council to develop the strategy and said he wanted to hear from a cross section of people in our communities.

“People are inherently creative – they may or may not realise it,” he said.

“People have interests in their craft and hobbies, there are a lot of bespoke handmade things like pottery, glasswork, woodwork. People make music, they write, read, take photographs and create digital art.

“We want all these people to give us their ideas as we develop this Creative Strategy.

“It’s everyone from the 14-year-old sitting at a computer editing a sound file, to a group of senior citizens who meet to share information on how they crochet.

“Ultimately, we want to work with the community to develop a plan that builds on some of the region’s wonderful creative successes, to look at how the arts can engage everyone in the local community, and to work towards a strong reputation for creativity for the Swan Hill region.”

Workshops will be held at:

  • Swan Hill Library – on Sunday, 6 May 2pm-6pm
  • Nyah Memorial Hall – Monday, 7 May 2pm-3pm
  • Robinvale Community Centre – Monday, 7 May 6pm-9pm
  • Manangatang Hotel – Tuesday, 8 May 11am-2pm
  • Swan Hill Town Hall – Tuesday, 8 May 7pm-9pm
  • Lake Boga Catalina Museum – Wednesday, 9 May 12pm-4pm

Register your attendance or have your say via our online survey here.

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