Sunday, 18 April 2021

Kyle’s passion for the arts

Kyle Ford is passionate about the arts in the Swan Hill region and wants to make the future of the arts bright.

Kyle has been involved in the Swan Hill creative community from a young age. He started in primary school learning piano and moved on to bass guitar in high school. During his school years he performed in the Swan Hill Eisteddfod and school productions.

Afterward he became heavily involved in the Swan Hill Theatre Group doing lighting, performing, and directing. He has performed as a member of four bands, the most recent of which is Seven Car Pileup.

Now, he is about to take over Swan Hill Muso’s Stuff.

He said the arts community was so important, giving those with talents in areas other than sport an outlet and a purpose.

“We can’t all be great sports stars, but with art it gives some of us the opportunity to become a rock star, a theatre star, a movie star, a great artist. It gives us a place, it makes us feel welcome,” he said.

When asked about the future of creativity, arts and culture in Swan Hill, his response is candid.

“Well asking me that is dangerous – the amount of things I would love to see happen! The amount of things I’m going to be trying to make happen! All I can say for now is the future for arts looks bright!”

Despite his high hopes Kyle said it was important the community gets involved to sure up a bright future for the arts. He said that over the years there had been amazing and successful projects, but there had also been failures.

“It’s simply because people didn’t turn up to participate… and eventually people are going to give up on trying,” he said.

“It’s not all going to change overnight… we need to band together and support each other so we don’t miss some amazing opportunities within the arts.”

Kyle encourages the local community to get involved now by taking part in the Creative Strategy workshops coming up from this Sunday, 6 May. Find out more about the Creative Strategy, upcoming community workshops and have your say online.

This post has been syndicated from the Swan Hill Rural City Council website and was correct at the time of posting. Read the original post here: Kyle’s passion for the arts

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