Monday, 30 January 2023

Tales from the Greek

Saturday, 4 February 2023 to Sunday, 23 April 2023.

Five years in the making and an odyssey in its creation, Tales from The Greek is Marco Luccio’s artistic response to author John Hughes’ eight narrative adaptations of Greek myths and tragedies.

Featuring large canvasses, found objects, drypoints, etchings, charcoal drawings, collagraphs, ink, mixed media, pencil and monotypes. Tales from The Greek is both dramatic and confronting.

The expressive and gritty works include Luccio’s preferred medium of drypoint along with assemblages and paintings. Hughes says, “Luccio has reached deep inside himself and found there the spirit of ancient Greece, its blood and brutality, its tragedy and pathos, its clarity and excess, its beauty and its terror. The images are at once intimate and monumental, wild and restrained, stark and teeming with life“.

When: Saturday, 4 February 2023 to Sunday, 23 April 2023
Where: Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery
Who All ages
Cost: Gold coin donation
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