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Our Collection

The Gallery collects works in three main areas:

  • Australian Naïve Art.
  • Australian prints and drawings from the 1970s onwards.
  • Works of art that relate to the Swan Hill region.

The collection was started in 1963 with the acquisition of a drawing by Australian artist Noel Counihan.  As more works were acquired, they were housed and displayed on the Paddlesteamer Gem and later the barge Vega under the Pioneer Settlement Authority.  Our current purpose-built Gallery was opened in 1987.

Today the Gallery and its collection of over 400 works is under the management of Swan Hill Rural City Council. 

Number Artist Title
1994-02 ABDULLA, Ian Checking the line at night for pondii
2007-05 ALEICHEM, Szolom The great winner
1977-6 ALEXANDROVICS, Judy Landscape study night
2000-1 ANDRUCHOW, Pat For quiet flight
2014-03 ANTONIOU, Andrew Internal Navigation
1983-1 ARMSTRONG, Ian Spanish still life
1989-7 ARMSTRONG, Ian Cous Cous Bistro
2006-16   AUTIO, Narelle Barmah Forest
2006-17 AUTIO, Narelle Cod Pool
2006-18 AUTIO, Narelle Swimming Cod
2006-19 AUTIO, Narelle Murray Cod Hatcheries
2006-20 AUTIO, Narelle Agro
2006-21 AUTIO, Narelle Trophy
2006-22 AUTIO, Narelle The Big Cod
2006-23  AUTIO, Narelle Tocumwal Pub
1969-1 BALODIS, Robert Mallee
1986-5 BARKER, Walter Arrividerci Venezia
1986-6 BARKER, Walter Infinity Series "Orange Six"
1986-7 BARKER, Walter Christmas mail from Nam
1985-2 BASTIN, Henri Opal field
1985-3 BASTIN, Henri West Queensland
2000-10 BENNETT, Anne The great Australian Dreaming- So you want to be a President?
2010-05 BENNETTO, Pauline The Ballard of Reading Gaol 
2003-3 BLACKMAN, Dr Charles White cats Garden
2008-06 BOAG, Yvonne No rest
1987-17 BONNEY, Geoff Parachilna Gorge
1988-1 BORRACK, John Murray near Renmark
2003-10 BOWEN, Dean Country Boy
2003-11 BOWEN, Dean The Child
2003-12 BOWEN, Dean Man of the Birds
2003-13 BOWEN, Dean Highway Bird
2003-14 BOWEN, Dean Urbanology
2003-15 BOWEN, Dean Farmer Returning Home
2003-16 BOWEN, Dean Spotted Cat
2003-17 BOWEN, Dean Mr Eyebrows
2003-18 BOWEN, Dean Boy Holding a Leaf
2003-19 BOWEN, Dean Child with a Comb
2003-20 BOWEN, Dean Moon Dog
2003-21 BOWEN, Dean Auto Portrait
2003-22 BOWEN, Dean Joes Truck (moving the house)
2003-23 BOWEN, Dean Man with Three Nostrils
2003-24 BOWEN, Dean Bird Boy
2003-25 BOWEN, Dean Country Life
2003-26 BOWEN, Dean The Rough Nuts
2003-27 BOWEN, Dean The Young Fisherman
2003-28 BOWEN, Dean Bus Stop
2003-9 BOWEN, Dean Country Girl
2003-4 BOYD Arthur Figure in Red
2010-01 BRACK John Nudes
2015-01 BRACK John Untitled (Fourth sister)
1987-14 BRAMLEY-MOORE, Mostyn Conversation
1989-12 BRASH, Barbara Untitled
2008-02 BRIEN, Michael F Spring
2008-03 BRIEN, Michael F Come sail with me
2008-04 BRIEN, Michael F Pollution
2008-05 BRIEN, Michael F Golden orb spinner
1973-2 BROWN, William Sketch for along the way
2000-11 BROWNE, Andrew Phenomena
1980-2 BROWNLIE, Judy Morning in the Dandenongs
1983-3 BULL, Norma Lure of distant gold
1983-4 BULL, Norma Autumn glow, Coventry ruins – workers are homeward bound
1980-1 BUSH, Charles Derelict, Moriac (discarded reaper)
2000-13 BUTTERWORTH, Matthew Untitled (Brother)
1975-2 BYRNE, Sam Thackeringa mine 1888
1977-2 BYRNE, Sam Centre line of lode, Broken Hill 1894
1978-5 BYRNE, Sam New central primary school Broken Hill
1979-5 BYRNE, Sam Rabbit plague- rounding up rabbits
2008-17 BYRNE, Sam Cremation – rabbit plague 1896
1977-10 CAFFIN, Neil Geneva
1977-9 CAFFIN, Neil Arrowsmith, New Zealand
1972-4 CAMERON, Donald Gray Harold Blair
2003-32 CAMERON-ROBERTS, Shirley Waiting
2009-01 CAMPBELL, Robert Old Murray Paddle Steamer Goolwa
2012-03 CANTRILL, Ivor Self portrait at lunch
2012-04 CANTRILL, Ivor Flower market
1991-61 CARLONE, Pio Sydney’s circular quay and skyline (naked city)
1989-14 CAVELL, Paul Francis Louis Archives
1990-8 CAVELL, Paul Francis Louis Storm warning Castlemaine
1989-9 CHANDLER, Ian Eclipse trip
2016-07 CHAPMAN, Vic  Croodoo
2014-01 CHICK, Lorna Dreamer’s Ledge
1984-1 CHILLER, Leigh Figure in landscape
1987-15 CLARK, Georgina The three sisters
2007-01 CLARKE, Gwen Wild dogs
2007-02 CLARKE, Gwen Greetings and salutations
2007-03 CLARKE, Gwen Dog dance
2011-01 Cohn, Ola (Carola) Jeckyll and Hyde
1987-10 COLEMAN, Rosemary Media man II
1987-7 COLEMAN, Rosemary Graffiti
1992-10 COLEMAN, Rosemary Icarus flees the hand
1992-6 COLEMAN, Rosemary Icarus flees the crowd
2004-08 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-06 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-07 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-09 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-10 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-11 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-12 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-13 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-14 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-15 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
2004-16 CONNELLY-NORTHEY, Lorraine Dilly bag
1984-2 COOK, Michael Stage
1987-31 COOK, Michael Putting out the fire with cups of water (diptych)
1992-8 COOK, Michael Coat of arms (triptych)
1990-9 COOPER, Charles The first Australians
1963-1 COUNIHAN, Noel Nude study
1989-11 COURIER, Jack Sleeping figure
1982-5 COUTTS, Maryanne Me sometimes
2006-12 CROOKE, Ray Cape York
2006-13 CROOKE, Ray Sandstone cliffs – Cape York
1985-1 CROOKE, Ray  New Guinea landscape
2005-02 CUE, Robert Last light
2016-08 CULLEN, Adam Mega dog
2016-09 CUMMINGS, Elisabeth Flinders Mound
2016-10 CUMMINGS, Elisabeth My dog at home in the bush
2016-11 CUMPSTON, Nici  Flooded gum
2016-12 CUMPSTON, Nici  Winter III
1986-16 CUTHBERTSON, Arch Construction in the Ironbark Forest
1988-10 CUTHBERTSON, Arch Cape Otway
2013-02 CYRULLA, Dagmar Learning
2006-09 DANKO Aleks, BONNEY Geoff, KILDERRY Dianne Who am I?  If this once I were to rely on a proverb, then perhaps everything would amount to knowing whom I ‘haunt’. Andre Breton 1928 / Actual not virtual / never allow the mind to desert the body 
1994-1 DAVIS, John Untitled  (fish from nomad series 1-50)
1996-1        DAVIS, John Brown snake – fish
1996-03 DAVIS, John The River – community collaboration
1981-1 DENNIS, Margery Rainforest (understorey)
1982-3               DENT, John Displaced objects III
1986-17 DEPPE, Horst Cursing old woman
2008-07 DeROSA, Chris Spongia Gardineria
2012-01 DeROSA, Chris Drowned World
2002-6 DICKSON, Clive Silos, Nyah West
1987-6 DOCKING, Shay Dead trees in Kow Swamp near Cohuna 1954
1991-4 DOTT, Rob Eternally ours
1986-4 DRUMMOND, Robert Human as target II
1998-12 DRYSDALE, Russell The Drovers
2006-01 DURRE, Caroline Hortus (in) conclusus
2005-07 FAZAKERLEY, Rosemary Horses
1978-6 FIELDING, David Shorn’s eternity park
2016-22 FOGWELL, Dianne The Smallest Voice
2006-07 FOX, Belinda Mixed messages
2008-01 FOX, Belinda Bloom II
2013-01 FOX, Belinda Backwards Forwards
2017-01 FRAZER, David Slow Boat
1986-15 FREEDMAN, David Mallee track
2003-29 FREEDMAN, David Tyntynder Flats Channel 1
1987-28 GLEGHORN, Thomas Grass landscape Darwin, No. 1
1987-29 GLEGHORN, Thomas Landscape and Coast, No. 2
1988-13 GRAHAM, Anne-Marie Sausage stall
1988-14 GRAHAM, Anne-Marie The artist painting an artist (Lorna Chick)
2006-14 GRAHAM, Anne-Marie Sunflower stall
1977-5 GRAY, Sister Dorothy Nymphea lake, botanical gardens
2004-04 GREEN, Rona Discoteque nasties
1978-1 GREY-SMITH, Guy Forest
1989- 2 GYDE, Allan Sitveni and Lillibet
1986-87 HALPERN, Deborah The Farmer
1989-6 HANRAHAN, Barbara The puppet master
1988-2                          2A HANSEN, Lorraine Ayers rock – early morning
2016-13 HARDING, Dale I’m a happy little sodomite
1977-1 HART, Pro The cyclists
1982-1 HART, Pro The race track
1979-1 HAWKE, Ronald A view of the hills
1987-12 HAWKE, Ronald Washing bondage series – the red washer
2001-04 HAWKE, Ronald Grey underdacks
2003-2 HAWKE, Ronald Trees with roof 1
2003-1 HAWKE, Ronald Double Tackle
2008-08 HAYNES, Nicci Written
2000-3 HEALY, Christine Songlines
1990-4 HEARMAN, Louise Untitled
1983-5 HEFFERNAN, Edward Elizabeth
1984-3 HEFFERNAN, Edward Reflection
1985-5 HEFFERNAN, Edward Thirteenth beach
1986-13 HEFFERNAN, Edward Gee they’re big
1986-14 HEFFERNAN, Edward Mother was a model
1987-16 HEFFERNAN, Edward Sandra
LOAN-HEL HELLIER, Dermont River, mountain, valley, scene
2005-01 HENTY, Thomas Untitled (horizon)
1977-3 HIGGINS, Roma Wash day on the farm
1979-3 HIRSCH, Emma Wedding – Sherbrook forest
1971-1              HJORTH, Noela The empurpled cult
1991-5             HOLLINGWORTH, Robert Swivelhead
1992-2 HOLLINGWORTH, Robert Two heads
2002-5 HOMER, Irvine Out of the Dust
1982-6 HOWARD, Susan Spotted dogs
2009-04 HUNTER Phillip Men on Horseback 
2009-05 HUNTER Phillip Small Plains 1 
2009-06 HUNTER Phillip Small Plains 2
2009-07 HUNTER Phillip Small Plains 4
2009-08 HUNTER Phillip Small Plains 5
2009-09 HUNTER Phillip Small Plains 6
2009-10 HUNTER Phillip Small Plains 7
2009-11 HUNTER Phillip Large Plains 1
2009-12 HUNTER Phillip Large Plains 2
2009-13 HUNTER Phillip Large Plains 3
2009-14 HUNTER Phillip Large Plains 4
2009-15 HUNTER Phillip Large Plains 5
2009-16 HUNTER Phillip Large Plains 6
2009-17 HUNTER Phillip Large Plains 7
2006-15 INGPEN, Robert Roger Backwater Bessie 2
1980-4 INGPEN, Robert Roger Lincoln’s place
1971-4 IRELAND, John Gem at Goodnight
2005-03 Jack, Kenneth Paddlesteamer Pyap
2005-04 Jack, Kenneth Paddlesteamer Gem
1968-1 JACK, Kenneth William Gem
1968-2 JACK, Kenneth William Oscaw W towing PS Gem to Swan Hill
1968-3 JACK, Kenneth William Gem
1986-1 JACKS, Robert Untitled
2010-02 JACOBS Peter The Sharlee Series 
2000-6 JAMPIJINPA ROSS, Darcy Yarlukari Jukurrpa
2009-02 JEFTOVIC Dusan Village Horses
2009-03 JEFTOVIC Dusan Men on Horseback 
1990-3 JESS, Elizabeth Portrait of Jamie Olsen
1992-3 JESS, Elizabeth Nine mile creek at dusk, Broken Hill
2008-09 JOHNSTONE, Ruth Garland
2000-4 JONES, Tim Woods IV
1992-1 KAHAN, Louis Lawrence McGlynn
1992-7                     KAHAN, Louis Reflections
1989-10 KEAN, Roslyn Gyantse, Tibet 1
1979-2 KEATS, Julianna Louise Room with iris
1981-4                        KEATS, Julianna Louise Bedroom with pink wardrobe
1982-2 KELLY, William Still life, Eureka flag
1991-2 KEMPF, Franz A letter to Theo (homage to Van Gogh)
1993-1 KEMPF, Franz Spring, first movement
2016-14 KEMPSON, Michael  Slow and Fast
2004-01 KENNEDY, ROY Woddi will remain forever
2004-02 KENNEDY, Roy Mossgiel weigh station
2004-03 KENNEDY, Roy Days of harmony on our mission
2003-33 KERINAUIA, Cyril James (CJ) Untitled
1971-2 KIDD, Alan Burke and Wills Expedition
2016-06 KING, Martin dawn survey indigo’
2016-06 KING, Martin dawn survey indigo
1992-5 KLEIN, Deborah Lee Zelda Fitzgerald in the night garden
2008-13 KOSSATZ, Les Prizewinner
1987-2 La LIBERTÉ Norman Pisces
1996-2 LAST, Clifford (Frank) Untitled
1991-7 LAW, C Anthony Clearing
2008-10 LAWSON, Rosalind Earmarked
2008-19 LAWSON, Rosalind The meeting
2016-01 LETI, Bruno from ‘Intonaco series’ #6
2006-10 LEWENS Carolyn, BURTT Cliff,  BURGESS Robyn Eye-C / Habeas Corpus #2 / Italian memories
1976-2 LOOBY, Keith Stuffed and split/bag of growth
1987-11 MacFARLANE, Stewart The Hoddle Bridge approach
1988-3 MACKAY, Mal Brunswick Town Hall – A blues concert with lights
2016-15 MACLEOD, Euan Night Couple 
2016-16 MACLEOD, Euan Diggers
1998-10 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Hattah Lakes
1998-11 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Hattah Lakes
1998-4 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Circus
1998-5 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Paddington
1998-6 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Carlton houses
1998-7 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Colour morning (cockatoos)
1998-8 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Canoe tree
1998-9 MacQUEEN, Mary McCartney Zoo imagery
2006-08 MAJZNER Victor, LEWIS Jill, KERKVLIET-GODDARD Christina Imagine / Looking for the echo of some wild and feathered friends / Closet diggings, birdman series 2000
1978-2 MAJZNER, Victor Richmond
1987-13 MAKIN, Jeffrey Cockatoo yellow
1988-4 MAKIN, Jeffrey Near Parachilna
LOAN_MAKIN MAKIN, Jeffrey Near Parachilna
1980-3 MALONEY, Ellen Light of the world
1992-4 MARSHALL, John Bird on a branch
1993-3 MARSHALL, John Beach
1978-3 MASON, Gwen Bin day
1989-5 MATASSONI, Terry The city party
2000-31 MATASSONI, Terry The Purple Horse
2016-03 MATASSONI, Terry Before the performance
2016-04 MATASSONI, Terry Contemplation
2016-05 MATASSONI, Terry Solitude
1970-1 McDONALD, Dawson Old Wonka hotel, Hawker, South Australia
1972-1 McDONALD, Dawson Echuca wharf
2016-21 MCDONALD, Wendy Sandhill Evening with Three Clouds 
2016-17 MCKENNA, Noel  Stable Scene
2016-18 MCKENNA, Noel  Cat in window
1982-4 MEYER, Bill Gapscape (tension in the gap)
1988-9 MILLAR, Ronald Grenville Darkening brown
1987-32 MITCHELL, Kathleen Untitled
1990-6 MOGENSEN, Diana Two women II
1989-13 MOLLEMANS, Frans The miners of Artlunga gold, 1887
1986-12 MOORE, Henry Untitled
1978-4 MOORE, Ross The aunt’s story
2000-8 MORTENSEN, Kevin Christian Mor Yar (Mother Earth)
1977-4 MOURTZAKIS, Nick Column
2012-05 NANKIN, Harry Syzygy 8
2012-06 NANKIN, Harry Syzygy14
1989-3 NAROZNY, Michael Anonymous swine
2008-14 NEVILLE, Eric Peter Dickson ploughing
2008-15 NEVILLE, Eric Woomelang railway station
2008-16 NEVILLE, Eric River boat
2000-2. NEWMAN, Nicole A Lek Un a Shmek
1998-1 NICHOLLS, Ralph Water holes and swirling water (Murrumburrah Warilla)
2003-5 NOLAN, Sir Sidney Wildflowers
2003-6 NOLAN, Sir Sidney Wildflowers
2016-19 O’DOHERTY, Chris aka Reg Mombassa Sheepwalk
1975-1 O’CONNOR, Victor George Pigeons Florence
2002-3 OFFICER, Edward untitled
2002-4 OFFICER, Edward untitled
2003-7 OLSEN, John McElhone Steps
1987-9 OSBORNE, Cheryl Ginger lily
1990-7 PAISIO, Franco Notes on a memory no. 2
1991-3 PAISIO, Franco Evocation XI
2010-04 PALETHORPE, Jan Hallow Angle – Émigré
1993-4 PATERSON, Jim Robert Telecom 1989
1988-18 PAYNE, Harold Rose Pascali
1987-8 PICKUP, Col Untitled
1987-3 PICKUP, Pat Nana McGrath’s in her garden
1987-33 PICKUP, Pat Czarina Alexandra’s favourite dress
1987-4 PICKUP, Pat Morning tea club
1987-5 PICKUP, Pat Dress with skipping rope
1988-15 PICKUP, Pat Circus Sunset
1988-16 PICKUP, Pat Turkish Circus
2003-30 PINTARIC, Josip Flower festival
2003-31 PINTARIC, Josip Peaceful Soul
2002-1 PLANT, Rhyll Cod-Piece
2005-08 PUGH, Clifton Upside down nude
2007-04 PUGH, Clifton Europa and the Bull
2004-05 RÁCZ, Liz Intercept
2008-11 RAETZE, Silke Honey pot
1979-4 RATHBONE, George Log loading station on the Murray river
2005-06 Ray, David Cod country
1977-7 RAY, Hazell Fagan’s place
1990-1 ROBINSON, John Streams I
1990-5 ROBINSON, John Crossing
1998-3 ROBINSON, John Passage
LOAN-ROBINSON ROBINSON, John Crossing Capricorn
2000-32 ROBINSON, Sally Halley’s Comet
1986-3 ROWE, Peter Smoked Cadmium Coits
1988-7 RUBIN, Victor City with helicopter and dove
1988-8 RUBIN, Victor Vendetta II
1998-2 RUBIN, Victor Rotunda, A light passage of voyeurs, wills and world
2008-12 SANKEY, Olga Forked tongue
2006-11 SANSOM Gareth, NEESON John R, LASICA Shelley La Mordida / Red Neck lifeguard / Moss
1987-18 SANTRY, John Exercising the greyhounds
1987-19 SANTRY, John The comedienne
1987-20 SANTRY, John Footballers, Nambuca Heads
1987-21 SANTRY, John Posing for the artist, Nambuca Heads
1987-22 SANTRY, John The Soldiers
1987-23 SANTRY, John Figure study with beret
1987-24 SANTRY, John South Dowling Street
1987-25 SANTRY, John The sawmill
1987-26 SANTRY, John Woolloomooloo
1987-27 SANTRY, John Study for greyhounds
1988-11 SANTRY, John Above Watson’s Bay
1988-12 SANTRY, John Yvonne
2014-02 SHEN, Senye Into the void
2000-5 SHIMMEN, Heather Two faced
2000-14 SIBLEY, Andrew Charles Nodrum with a toe hold on the sixties
2000-15 SIBLEY, Andrew Sigrid Thornton
2000-16 SIBLEY, Andrew Fred Williams
2000-17 SIBLEY, Andrew Senator John Button
2000-18 SIBLEY, Andrew Fred Williams
2000-19 SIBLEY, Andrew Fred Williams
2000-20 SIBLEY, Andrew Allan McCulloch
2000-21 SIBLEY, Andrew Frank Hardy
2000-22 SIBLEY, Andrew Untitled
2000-23 SIBLEY, Andrew Sir Zelman Cohen
2000-24 SIBLEY, Andrew Study of Albert Tucker
2000-25 SIBLEY, Andrew Study of Albert Tucker
2000-26 SIBLEY, Andrew Study of Albert Tucker
2000-27 SIBLEY, Andrew Study of Albert Tucker
2000-28 SIBLEY, Andrew Study of Albert Tucker
2000-29 SIBLEY, Andrew Self Portrait
2000-30 SIBLEY, Andrew Judy Cassab
2001-1 SIBLEY, Andrew Portrait of Judy Cassab
2001-2 SIBLEY, Andrew Charles Nodrum with a toe-hold on the sixties
1989-1 SMITH, Eric John Endangered image
1987-30 SMITH, Ernest Walter Standing form
2005-09 SMITH, Ernest Walter Mind Scapes
2000-12 SPURRIER, Stephen First Aid No 34
2006-02 SPURRIER, Stephen Entoporhilatic psychosis
1989-8 STAMP, Susan The solicitors
2000-9 STAVRIANOS, Wendy The gatherer of the sheaf in the night city
1988-17 STEER, Howard William Tar and feathers wins
1985-4 STEPHENSON, June Magnolias
1991-1 STEPHENSON, June View from lookout, Brampton Island, Queensland
1988 STOCKS, Geoffrey Divided loyalties
1988-6 STOKES, Constance Woman twisting
1986-11 STRATH, Robert North of Sydney location
1971-3 STYNES, David Market place, Assen
1993-2 SULIKOWSKI, Margaret Stairs
1995-1 SUMNER, Alan Buildings
1995-2 SUMNER, Alan Washing Day (Eugenie Howard hanging out her smalls)
1995-3 SUMNER, Alan Landscape, North Italy
2005-00 Sunraysia College of TAFE Students Mapiyal
2008-18 SUTTON Renee Untitled (the Gallery)
2012-02 SWANN, Heather B How the mind works: Cloud
1988-5 TAYLOR, Vicky Portraits of Jo
1989-4 TAYLOR, Vicky Lyn with cigarette
1999-1 THORPE, Hal (John Hall) A summer bunch
1983-2 THORROWGOOD, Vivienne Windy day, Eltham
1989-15 TODD, Milan Dancing of the brolgas
LOAN-TODD TODD, Milan Tropical billabong
LOAN-TODD2 TODD, Milan Moor hens
1989-17 TODD, Richard Temptation
LOAN-TODD3 TODD, Richard Art history ruined my life
1976-3 TREVOR, James Early Swan Hill
1976-4 TREVOR, James Murray in flood, Swan Hill
1986-10 TROVA, Ernest Man is but a memory
1986-11 TROVA, Ernest Untitled
1986-8 TROVA, Ernest Silk screen from banner (falling man multiple)
1986-9 TROVA, Ernest Head, planet earth (falling man series)
2000-7 TULLY, Ian Shifting of Values (Farm Plan)
2015-02 VINEY, Wayne Lonely as a cloud – 1
1974-1 WALKER, Alan Winter afternoon, Swan Hill
1974-2 WALKER, Alan Railway station, Swan Hill
1986-2 WALTERS, Donald Self portrait
1990-2 WESTBROOK, Eric Ernest Hero in Autumn
1992-9 WHITEHEAD, Peter wooden sculpture, 
1987-1 WIDDOWS, Peg The old forest – winter, the Grampians
2010-03 WILLIAMS, Deborah Pause
2003-8 WILLIAMS, Fred Sisters
2002-2 WOOLRICH, Tony Title
1984-4 WRIGHT, Douglas A nightwalker’s meander
1977-8 YAXLEY, William South Keppel Island
2005-05 YAXLEY, William Newdegate cave
2016-20 ZAFAR, Adeel uz  Monster 3
1999-02 ZAPPIA, Frank Pictorial illusion 5
2001-03 ZAPPIA, Frank Big Boot
2016-02 ZIVKOVIC, Slavica The Place of Spirit